Tash for Toys!!! My twist on Movember for a good cause.

Hi All,P1010600

I’m growing a  moustache all November 2012. I previously had a beard etc. so already had to make a wee sacrifice to start with a clean shaven face!

Traditionally Movember is about raising awareness and money for Men’s Health (prostate cancer and testicular cancer).

I’ve decided to take a different twist, it’s my tash and I’ll cry, I mean, raise money for other causes if I want to!

I’m going to collect money in person, or via Chirpify donations.

To donate, simply tweet something like:

Donate $15 to @allyburns for Tash4Toys. via @Chirpify

Tweet this now (you will have a chance to edit the amount)

I’m then going to use the money raised to buy toys (specifically LEGO) for underprivileged children for Christmas.

My feeling is that your mental health is as important as your general health. Receiving a LEGO toy and having the joy of constructing it on Christmas day, when you may have received very little else , is one way to keep your mind happy, and your creativity flowing!

Did you play with LEGO when you were younger? Think of your excitement on Christmas Day receiving a gift of LEGO and playing with it all day, leaving all the other non-construction presents in a pile in the corner!

Each year Forth One collect gifts for children. People can donate toys at various shopping centres, wrapped up, with a note of Gender and age range suitability.

I’ll use my knowledge of LEGO purchasing to buy discounted LEGO sets from Amazon, posting notes of my purchases on this blog. I’ll then get them all wrapped up in December and drop them off at Forth One.

If you want to donate and request a specific set, take a look at the currently discounted LEGO sets on Amazon.

I look forwards to spending the money wisely to ensure local kids living in poverty have a smile on their face on Chrismas day.

For this, I’ve been growing a daft tash and I’ll keep it on my face beyond November!


Thank you,


By allyburns